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Walker Auctions is recognized by many as the leading Benefit Auction Company in America. Each year we travel from coast to coast helping 80-100 organizations, such as schools, foundations, hospitals, YMCA's, national charities and many other groups, raise over $12,000,000 for their worthwhile causes. Our auctioneers have the reputation of getting the most money possible for the items put up for auction while conducting your auction in a very entertaining manner.

Terri Walker

Terri Walker is one of nearly a dozen of the company’s auctioneers. Her auctioneering style adds a pleasant tone to an auction fundraising event. Her auctioneering abilities have won her several awards including First Runner Up in the National Auctioneers Association Bid Calling contest and Grand Champion in the Tennessee Auctioneers Association Bid Calling Contest. She has served as Chair of the Tennessee Auctioneers Commission and completed two years of the CAI program. This attractive auctioneer has an exceptionally pleasing and understandable auction chant. Her southern drawl adds to her charm and compliments her bid calling skills. She is experienced at entertaining an auction crowd for two to three hours during the live auction and has a reputation of coaxing the last dollar out of a bidder and making the buyer feel good about it. She is also very experienced at advising charities on the best way to prepare for the auction event.

Terri has B.S. and M.A. degrees in education and was an instructor at the Missouri Auction School, the world’s largest auction school. Terri taught in public school for several years. Terri has worked with charities in the United States, Canada, and the US Virgin Islands.

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Lance Walker

Lance was asked to co-write and teach the Benefit Auctioneer Specialist program sponsored by the National Auctioneers Association. He has served as president of the Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association and as vice-president of the Tennessee Auctioneers Association. He has been a presenter at several charitable educational seminars and has attended numerous auction seminars sponsored by the National Auctioneers Association.

His auctioneering talents even earned him an appearance on Bill Cosby’s ’You Bet Your Life’ television show.

Lance Walker has a master’s degree in education and is a graduate of the Certified Auctioneers Institute at Indiana University.

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Ron Stone

***More Information about Ron Stone coming soon***


Camille Booker

Camille Booker is a third generation auctioneer. She graduated from University of Washington and Repperts School of Auctioneering. From her background modeling in the fashion industry, Camille brings grace, poise and a center stage attitude to combine with her benefit auction expertise.  Operating primarily in the northwest region, this young lady is definitely head and shoulders above the rest in her commitment to excellence and dedication to provide the highest quality of service.

Patti Baldini

Patti Baldini is working on her 15th year as an auctioneer and has an extensive background in the middle Tennessee area. In 2001, she spearheaded the internet effort and conducted Tennessee’s first “Live on-line” as well as “Live on-site” auction. She is a featured writer for America’s Auction Report and an active member in the National Auctioneers Association. She is two time past President of the Middle Tennessee Auctioneers Group, past Vice President of the Tennessee Auctioneers Association, and has served on its Board of Directors. She is also the 2004 Tennessee Bid Calling Champion, Women’s Division.

Dennis Hall

Dennis Hall holds a Bachelors Degree in Commerce from the University of Louisville and a Masters Degree in Administration from Washington University -St. Louis.  He is a Benefit Auction Specialist and has successfully led multi-million dollar fund raising campaigns for non-profit organizations.  Dennis is an entertaining, sought after auctioneer for Benefit Auctions in the southeast.

Rod Johnson

Rod Johnson is rapidly becoming known as one of the premier benefit auctioneers in the nation.  He has accomplished a lot in a very short time in the auction industry.  Rod is a past Minnesota and Wisconsin State Champion Auctioneer.  He credits his success to the fact that he absolutely loves the auction business. He recently obtained the Benefit Auction Specialist designation from the National Auctioneers Association. Less than 1% of Auctioneers throughout North America hold the BAS designation. 
He is not only a top notch auctioneer, but also a professional emcee and public speaker.  Rod spent a number of years in the broadcast industry, and has served as the public address announcer for the Minnesota Timberwolves for over 13 years.
He thoroughly enjoys traveling throughout the nation conducting nearly 50 benefit auctions annually. Rod has had the honor of working the world famous Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction and conducts many real estate auctions each year.
Rod and wife Bernadette have been married for over 33 years.

Lee Danhauer

Lee M. Danhauer, CAI, is President of The Danhauer Group, A Family of Companies, in Winston Salem, NC. Lee has over 15 years of full-time, professional experience in the fundraising auction field. Lee is the 2006 North Carolina Grand Champion Auctioneer and competes on an international level at the annual International Auctioneers Contest sponsored by the National Auctioneers Association. He is currently on the Board of Directors of the Auctioneer Association of North Carolina and serves on several National Auctioneers Association committees.

Lee is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a degree in Agricultural Economics and Financial Management. Lee also attended Loyola University of Chicago and St. Joseph College Seminary while studying Philosophy and Theology in the Seminary. He is a graduate of the prestigious Certified Auctioneers Institute at Indiana University and holds the CAI designation. He is a graduate of the Missouri Auction School and the Weikel Auction Institute. Lee is an instructor at the Southeastern School of Auctioneering in South Carolina teaching the Real Estate at Auction course. Lee is a 3 ½ year veteran of the US Army serving in Desert Storm with the 101st Airborne Division and spent 7 ½ years in the National Guard. Lee lives in Winston Salem with his wife, Dr. Suzanne Danhauer and their two sons, Hayden and Evan

Jay Cash

Jay Cash has been a part of the auction business his whole life as part of his family’s auction company. He is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University and World Wide College of Auctioneering. Jay is a Benefit Auction Specialist and conducts year round charity auctions in the mid south region.

Tim Milks

Tim Milks has been a professional licensed auctioneer for over ten years. He graduated from Mendenhall School of Auctioneering and holds a Benefit Auctioneer Specialist certificate. Tim’s benefit auctions span from Tennessee to Vermont with two of his largest raising over $800,000.00 for their organizations. Tim is married with two children and five grand children.

Don Stewart

Don Stewart has been a professional auctioneer since 1989, travelling across North America to provide his services for high-profile, charity auctions. Don ensures that the live auction is the best entertainment of the night, while at the same time maximizing the funds raised. Donís friendly demeanour and outgoing personality encourage patrons to bid generously, and his pacing keeps both experienced and novice bidders engaged. Many of his clients are repeat customers who trust Don and appreciate his comfortable style and enthusiastic auctioneering. Annually, Don helps numerous charities raise tens of millions of dollars for great causes and vital needs. Don is a graduate of the Southwestern Ontario School of Auctioneering, a member of the Auctioneers Association of Ontario, a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) and holds a masterís of education.